Pater et Fīlia by Anita Wasdahl


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  1. This book is my first attempt at Latin composition. It keeps earning 2 stars grammatically, and I don't know why. I would appreciate any feedback!

  2. Hi Anita, I think it looks great (as do your other books - my absolute favorite of the ones you have done so far is the one about the sacculus - that one made me laugh out loud). And don't worry: If I noticed a grammatical problem, I'd contact you about it before listing the book here at the blog (and if anyone else noticed a problem, I'm sure they would contact me, or Evan Millner). I think I made one little change to your "Quo it" reader, where it said "a cubiculum" and I changed it to "a cubiculo" - just a typo, and it's easy to make a typo in Latin just as it is in English.

    About the stars: everybody has their own ideas in mind when they give the stars, and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with grammar at all. There's at least one person who seems to go through the latest books and give one-star ratings to everything, and I haven't quite figured out why (except that maybe they just don't like this whole "simple Latin" approach).

    Just speaking for myself, I give three stars to my personal favorites, the ones that I immediately want to read over again, and I sometimes give two stars to the readers that I like but which I don't have an impulse to read again right away. That's my approach anyway, and I'm guessing that this may be what some other people are doing as well. Some of my Aesop's fables keep getting two stars, and I figure it's because not everybody is totally wild about Aesop... which is fine: I'm wild about Aesop, but Vergil puts me to sleep. Cuique suum! :-)