How to Create a Reader

Creating your account to write Libelli: You do not need an account to view the readers, but you need an account to write them. You can find the access code for creating your account in the password-protected LatinBestPractices group at Yahoo - or you can contact Laura Gibbs for the access code (laurakgibbs AT gmail DOT com), or contact Gary Bishop, the genius computer science profesors who is the designer of the project (contact information). When you have the access code, you can complete the registration page.

Tagging your Libelli as Latin: Make sure you use latin as a tag when you create your reader, so that it will be listed with the Latin-language readers (the languages are listed in the right-hand column of the Tar Heel homepage). You can use other tags as well. Just make sure you use the latin tag, and that you separate multiple tags with commas.

Formatting: You can cut-and-paste the text from another file if you want, and the Tar Heel site seems to be macron-friendly. So, feel free to use macrons and/or accent marks (ecclesiastical style). I've also included vowels marked with brevia, too, in case that might be useful.

ā - ē - ī - ō - ū - Ā - Ē - Ī - Ō - Ū

á - é - í - ó - ú - Á - É - Í - Ó - Ú

ă - ĕ - ĭ - ŏ - ŭ - Ă - Ĕ - Ĭ - Ŏ - Ŭ

Writing your book:

1. Go to write-a-book - link is in right-hand column:

2. You create pages by choosing a picture: just put in a search term in Flickr (separate multiple terms with commas), and browse results; click to choose one of the pictures.

3. A page appears below with the picture you have selected; you type in the caption. You can drag-and-drop the pages to rearrange them, or use the left- and right-arrows to move pages.

4. Repeat for all the pages you want. To delete a page, click on the red X to delete it.

5. Save your draft with the button at the bottom of the page, or publish if you are done! MAKE SURE TO TAG YOUR BOOK AS: Latin.

Adapt existing books: You can take ANY existing Tar Heel book and translate it into Latin! So, if you see any of the Tar Heel Readers that you like, just open the book, then click on SET UP in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. This will take you to a page with all kinds of information - including a link that allows you to Create a new version of this book. You can also use this same option to create multiple versions of your own book: for example, you can use the same images for vocabulary practice AND to tell a story, or you can do an English version of your Latin book, etc.

For more help, visit other pages here at this blog - or use the "Comment" box below to ask a question. Someone will get back to you soon!


  1. I believe there is a way to download the readers as Powerpoints. Is there any way to upload Powerpoints to make a reader? I have a couple of stories on Powerpoint that I'd like to share but do not have the time to recreate on Tarheel

  2. Hi Jay, what I would suggest instead of Tar Heel is to upload your Powerpoints as GoogleDocs - that gives you the ability to share them with everybody, and lots of great viewing options, and it will not take you any time at all. I did GoogleDocs slideshow presentations to accompany my book of fables for Bolchazy - you can see a list of them here:

    It's easy to get started using GoogleDocs - just go to It's a great way to upload Powerpoints and have them available for sharing online, easily accessible by all.