About Delicious

Delicious is a service that allows you to "tag" (save and classify) webpages - which includes the Tar Heel Readers, since each Tar Heel Reader is a webpage with a unique address.

You can search and sort the webpages you have tagged with your Delicious account, and you can also search and sort the webpages that other people have tagged. You do not need a Delicious account to search and sort other people's tags.

If you have not used Delicious before, I would really urge you to get an account, and give it a try. It is an easy to use tool, and you will find it has amazing powers!

Delicious and Tar Heel Readers

Because of the very limited search options at Tar Heel Readers, and the fact that only authors - not readers - can add tags to their books, we can use Delicious to give us more search flexibility.

In the right-hand column of this blog, you can see a list of Delicious tags that will help you to search and browse different categories of Tar Heel Readers in Latin:
  • Tar Heel: Reviewed: These are readers that have been checked and look ready to use - but if you notice typographical errors or other problems, let me know! Each of these readers has a page at the blog where you can leave comments.
  • Tar Heel: Macrons: Since the use of macrons is of great importance for some teachers, I'm tagging those readers which have macrons.
  • Tar Heel: Accent Marks: I'm also tagging those readers which use accent marks as an alternative to macrons to help students in reading out loud.
  • Tar Heel: Vocab List: This is for readers which - in the first slide or final slide - display a webpage address where you can get a vocabulary list for the reader.
  • Tar Heel: Latin+English: This is for bilingual readers, which alternate Latin and English pages (either Latin-English, or Latin-English-Latin).
  • Tar Heel: Poetry: I've tagging poetry - both adapted and unadapted.
  • Tar Heel: Aesop: I'm also keeping track of which readers are based on Aesop's fables.
  • You will see the authors with a large number of readers listed individually (so you can keep track of a particular author if you like their style and approach).
  • Tar Heel: Unreviewed: These are readers which have been added to the Tar Heel website, but which have not been reviewed.
  • All Tar Heel Latin: These are all the readers, both reviewed and unreviewed, at the Tar Heel website.
If you have other ideas about how to tag things, you can suggest them here. If I feel confident that I can quickly and easily use additional tags, I will do so - but if it is not quick, easy and clear to me, don't worry: even if I am not using the tags you suggest, YOU can use those tags, by creating your own Delicious account, and tagging your own items with whatever tags make the materials most useful to you and your students!

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