Rating the Readers

VERY IMPORTANT - Ratings at theTar Heel Reader website. Every time you use a reader at the Tar Heel Reader site, please take just a second after you are done to rate the reader! You will have a choice of 1-star, 2-stars or 3-stars. You should use the 1-star rating to flag something that has serious grammatical errors of some kind.

HELP...!!! If you notice that a reader which you have rated with just 1-star has a "Gold Shield" already, please leave a comment here at this blog about the errors you have found. It is always possible that we could miss some serious errors in the review process, so if you find errors in a reader which has been reviewed with a "Gold Shield" mark, please let us know!

Optional - Ratings here at the blog. In addition to providing ratings at the Tar Heel Reader website (very important!!!), you can also leave ratings here on the individual blog posts for each reader. At the bottom of each post, you will see a set of stars - 1-star, 2-stars, 3-stars, or 4-stars. In addition to rating the reader, you can also leave a comment. Your input and feedback is very much appreciated!

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