How to Comment on a Reader

If you would like to add your comments about a reader here to this blog, that would be great! Please feel free to comment on readers you have WRITTEN and readers you have READ. Comments from both the authors themselves as well as from readers are all useful!

Some useful things to comment on would be:
  • specific information about how the reader was useful for you
  • ideas for using the reader in conjunction with a specific textbook or classroom activity
  • questions about the grammar and/or vocabulary of the reader
  • typos or other errors that you see in the reader which need to be corrected
  • concerns about content (readers can be flagged as "caution" if there are themes or images that are violent or otherwise not suitable for all readers)
To add a comment about a reader here at the blog, just use the Search box in the upper left-hand corner of each page to find the reader you are looking for - just entering a word from the title should do the trick. Then, click on the comment link to add a comment for the specific post for that reader.

If you are having trouble finding the right page, you can also just leave a comment in reply to this post - but if you do that, make sure you include the title of the reader you are commenting on, plus its address, so we can match up your comments to the reader.

Thanks for your input! By sharing ideas about what makes readers really useful, we can all learn to do a better job, both in creating the readers and in using them ourselves.

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