Progress Report: Friday, June 12

Wow! We now have over 150 readers - 155 readers, to be exact - which have been reviewed and recommended for your use in the Latin area. You can browse the Latin area at Tar Heel Reader, or you can quickly scan the long list of readers here:

Another way to browse through the readers, is to click here to See a Random Tar Heel Latin Reader.

Types of readers. In addition to browsing the whole collection, you can also view specific types of readers, as proverb readers, or poetry, or readers that are marked with with macrons or with accents for word stress. For more types of readers, visit the Delicious links library, using "related tags" on the right to see specific types of readers, or readers written by a specific author. Evan is setting the pace at 60 readers, and Laura has done over 50.

Build your own links library! If you want to start building your own Delicious library, it's easy - just create a Delicious account at, and then click on "Save" next to any of the Delicious links in the main library - that will save them to your own Delicious library, where you can add additional tags to sort and organize the readers for your own purposes.

Leave feedback at the blog. We also have a blog: Libelli Latini Latin Readers. You can find individual posts for each Tar Heel reader at the blog (that's a good way to see which readers are available in multiple formats), and you can use the search engine in the upper left-hand corner of the blog to look for titles or topics of interest.

Email notifications of new readers. If you want to find out about new readers as they are reviewed and approved, you can sign up for an email subscription to this blog. Each day that new readers are reviewed and approved, you will receive an email with links to those readers and information about them.

GRATIAS! Thanks to all the authors who have been contributing readers to the project. I hope this summer will be a great occasion for all kinds of Latin composition. If you have questions or comments, please let me know!

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