Repetite! Readers

One style of doing a Reader is Repetite! style, which is to say that you take each page (or just selected pages) of your Reader and insert duplicate pages, with the image but without the text, so that students reading along can have a chance to speak out loud in Latin, involving them more actively in the reading of the book.

You can see some examples of Repetite! readers by searching the Tar Heel Reader site for the tags "latin" and "repetite" - here are the Repetite! readers that people have contributed so far:

It's easy to create a Repetite! version of a reader that already exists. Here's how:

1. Select reader to begin. Click on the reader you want to work with. Then, click on the Setup icon in the upper left-hand corner of the page.
2. Create new version. Then, scroll down the page to the "Translating and Rewriting" section, and click on the link to Create a new version of this book, as shown below.

3. Give your new reader a title. Modify the existing title of the reader so that people will recognize that yours is a Repetite! reader.

4. Triplicate your pages. You'll now see an editing screen which will allow you to create multiple versions of the pages. To duplicate a page, just hold down the CONTROL key while you drag-and-drop the page. You can quickly make two more copies of each page.

5. Create blanks. Then, go back through the middle page of each set of three pages, and just delete the text. If you want, you can also include some blanks as clues to let readers know just how many words they might want to try to say. You can also choose to include the punctuation, or not - based on what you think best for your readers!

6. Modify tags. Check on the tags, and add "repetite" as a tag (the reader is probably already tagged as "latin").

That's it! You can preview your book to make sure it all looks good to you - and then publish!

If you have other ideas about how to create Repetite! readers, share your comments below!

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