Lusus Paginarum by Evan Millner


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  1.'re making me do my homework:
    1. Andr. 419: Nunc nostrae timeo parti, quid hic
    respondeat, Phorm. 178: timeo miser, quam hic mihi nunc nuntiet rem.
    So this phrase occurs as it is here, in Terentius.
    Meaning "I'm afraid we'll get the worst of it" or something similar to that.
    Deest followed by the accusative - you're right. I copied this sentence straight from the 'colloquendi formulae'. It looks like an error - I can find no classical or other examples with this usage. Deest mihi bona una charta pulchra..
    Dividat aliquis is correct - that was my typing error.
    Vide annon - see whether it isn't is what is intended.

  2. This is great, Evan! Usually Lewis & Short (which is the dictionary I consult) is good about pointing out unusual case usage in the Ter. and Plautus, but this use of the dative slipped by them. Excellent!

    I should have figured out the annon - my brain was dead by that point, I think, ha ha.

    Thanks for taking care of this!!! I'll go change the status on the book now.

    Learning the names of the cards was fun! :-)