Januae Latinitatis Vestibulum by Evan Millner

Link: http://tarheelreader.org/2009/05/08/januae-latinitatis-vestibulum/

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Queries: not sure about this sequence of slides:
Comprehendite - Pro vestro captu - Et varias res - Sapientiae semina.
(I see the sentence "Comprehendite, pro vestro captu, sapientiae semina - but how does "et varias res" fit in...?)

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  1. I think Comenius ( it his his text, with no alterations) had this in mind - Comprehendite pro vesto casptu/ Et varias res sapientiae semina (Understand it according to your ability/and [understand] those various things that are the seeds of wisdom).
    It is a bit cumbersome. Perhaps repeating the verb would help. "et comprehendite varias res"

    I am thinking of going back and making a bilingual version - especially as the Comenius material gets more conceptual.

  2. It's definitely bumpy - I'll let you figure out how you want to manage that. Maybe some creative punctuation? And/or repeating the verb...? Anyway, let me know when you've figured out what looks best to you. That phrase "pro vestro captu" is a really good one for students to learn, so it would be great to get this reader in circulation! :-)