Salutatio Vespertina by Evan Millner


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Queries: I couldn't follow this part:
Carolus: Bonus vesper! (the idea being "bonus tibi vesper sit" or something like that)
Demetrius: Bonum serum. Non sero! (difference between serum and vesper not clear to me, and I did not understand what it meant to use both serum and sero together like this)
... maybe I am missing something here - I see that this is part of the text in Heyden, but I still couldn't follow it...?

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  1. I assumed it was a little joke: One is replying to the other, Good evening,then makes a little joke
    " it isn't late yet..."
    Maybe this is too much for a beginning reader, as it needs explanation.

  2. I was guessing it might be something like that - maybe if you spelled it out more fully:
    Vesper bonus et serum bonum tibi sit - sed sero adhuc non est.
    Or something like that...? You can decide what is best - to expand on it, or leave it out. The rest of it was much easier to follow! :-)